Tuesday September 19, 2017

Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center

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Seating for the morning warm-up, afternoon cool-down and all breakout sessions is open seating and is first come, first served. Lunch seating will be assigned based on the date of registration. If you wish to sit with friends or colleagues you will need to register as a group.

7:15 -9:30 am Continental Breakfast

Sponsored by Save Mart and Food Maxx and co-hosted by The Brownie Baker Inc.

9:30 - 10:15 am Morning Water Break

Sponsored by Michael B. Stevens, MD, PhD

10:15 - 11:15 am Session 1

Session 1:01 - Healthy Meals in Minutes
Shayna Telesmanic

Learn kitchen tips and tricks from the queen of healthy meals in minutes and the owner of the Young Chefs Academy (who, incidentally, spends as much time teaching adults as she does teaching children!). You’ll get easy recipes and a strategy for meal planning and prep that you can implement immediately.

Session 1:02 - Macy's Fashion Show
Martin Oftedal

Your wardrobe will have #NoLimits after this fabulous fashion show by Macy’s. See what’s new in its Fall line-up and enjoy this special treat designed just for YOU!

Session 1:03 - How to Discover Who You Are and Thrive!
Angeleen Corona

When you look at your life, do you sometimes wonder what happened? Is it hard to recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror? So many of us get lost in all of our responsibilities and lose sight of what we need and want. In this session you’ll hear one woman’s inspiring journey that will teach you to rediscover who you are and thrive!

Session 1:04 - Get on Track, Stay on Track: 5 Steps to Securing Your Financial Future
Kate Eiland and Elise Kausen (Sponsored by Wells Fargo)

Have your finances got you flummoxed? Is your debt getting you down? Join First-Vice Presidents of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, Kate Eiland, CRPC®,CDFA™,ADPA® and Elise Kausen, CFP®,CDFA™,ADPA®, for “Get on Track, Stay on Track—5 Steps to Securing Your Financial Future.” In this hands-on workshop, Kate and Elise will guide you through the steps you need to take now to help you take control of your financial life, and, perhaps more importantly, how learn to use money as a tool to help you live a live that you’ll love.


Click here for a workbook for this session.

Click here for a budget worksheet for this session.

Session 1:05 - To Sleep or Not to Sleep
Dr. Lynn Keenan (Sponsored by Community Medical Centers)

Did you know that women are twice as likely as men to have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? A number of factors may affect women’s sleep. Changes in hormonal levels, stress, illness, lifestyle and sleep environment all have an effect on how well we sleep. Some of us reduce the amount of sleep we get to cope with work and our roles in our personal lives. We have families and households to maintain. We have family calendars to maintain and children’s activities to get to. Sleep is one of those things that we think can shave a little time off of to make more hours in the day; after all, we only get 24 hours, right? Once our children are out of the house and have become independent we are now in an age where our we have physical and hormonal changes that make us sleep lighter and less sound. Sleep disturbances become more common during menopause. What is a woman to do? Come learn what to do and how important sleep is in our lives!

Session 1:06 - How to Put Your Passion Into Action: A Case Study About #NoLimits
Davena Witcher (Sponsored by Granville Homes)

Learn from a fascinating story that began in the neonatal ICU at Valley Children’s Hospital, reached Afghanistan, and now blooms in Mendota. In it you will see how you, too, can find the courage to follow your passion and create lasting change in any community . . . and your life. Davena Witcher, global healthcare advocate and executive director of Alliance for Medical Outreach & Relief, will share her uplifting journey about how she pioneered basic newborn and maternal health care in the most challenging of environments. In this session she will share her formula and her tactical strategies with you for implementing change. She will show you how to identify opportunities, earn consensus, and have the courage to put your passion into action. Davena’s experiences around the world will show you how to live with #NoLimits.

Session 1:07 - Step Into Your Power - Rock Your Natural Gifts
Julie Anderson

Can science help you discover within yourself a greater power to succeed? Absolutely! Julie the Brain Lady presents the science behind the psychology of who we are innately. Once you and your teams discover this you can access and grow your natural skills for greater success.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your NATURAL gifts and brain strengths
  • Replace frustration with satisfaction
  • Breakthrough barriers to success

1:30 - 2:30 pm Session 2

Session 2:01 - Nothing Looks Better on You than Confidence
Rhonda Murphy

Fitness expert Rhonda Murphy will guide you toward the path to love yourself and embrace YOUR look. Confidence is the most BEAUTIFUL LOOK. It is a matter of believing in yourself and how it comes from within. She will show you posture building exercises and ways to show off your strengths.

Session 2:02 - Get In the PILOT’s Seat of Your Life
Elizabeth McCormick

Back by popular demand, former CCWC warm-up speaker and US Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, is back with her tactical and practical breakout session to entertain and educate you on YOUR biggest mission YET—Your Life!

Learn how to FLY in your life (REALLY!) while:

  • Empowering your belief in your potential with 3 strategies you can IMMEDIATELY put into ACTION
  • Equipping you to GET MORE DONE — learn prioritization skills to be more effective at implementing
  • Enriching your life with the keys to optimizing your performance soaring to higher levels of success
Session 2:03 - Make Peace With Food: 3 Surprising Secrets to Breaking the Dieting/Overeating Cycle for Good
Michelle Leath

In this in-depth, interactive presentation, you will learn how to break free of the dieting “shoulds” and begin to cultivate a more empowered, life-enhancing relationship with the food you eat. You’ll also discover:

  • The 3 biggest nutritional myths that drive people to overeat, and how you may be unconsciously sabotaging the results of your healthy eating efforts.
  • The surprising hidden connection between your thoughts and feelings about food, and how your body responds to it.
  • Why more pleasure with food (not less) is the key to releasing unwanted weight or eating habits.
  • The 5 Secret Ingredients to create a peaceful relationship with food.
  • 3 simple strategies to optimize your metabolism, reduce overeating, and get more pleasure, satisfaction, and nutrition from whatever you choose to eat.
Session 2:04 - Social Security: You Have Options!
Portia White, CFP®

Navigating your way through the complexities of your social security benefit can seem daunting. Even the basic options, such as whether to take your benefit at 62, full retirement age, or 70, require careful consideration. Maximizing your benefit may require a more complicated strategy. Portia White, CFP® will help you avoid making costly mistakes by providing you planning tips and strategies to help maximize your social security benefit.

Session 2:05 - Turn Fear into F.E.A.R. (Facing Everything And Rise)
Aisha Curry

Learn how to overcome the fear that has held you captive for so long. Each time you feed into that fear it grips you tighter and eventually it prevents you from moving forward. However, when you decide to stop looking at those FEARS as obstacles, but rather as opportunities, you will be able to Face Everything And Rise. You will realize that these challenges came along to make you stronger. The goal of this session is to change the mindset of each attendee and how they view FEAR! This message will provide strategies that attendees can implement immediately.

Session 2:06 - How to Create Beautiful Landscapes: You (and Your Yard) Can Thrive During Water Restrictions
Lee Ayres and Susan Stiltz

Learn from the experts at Tree Fresno about how to get creative when choosing and creating beautiful landscapes in your personal and professional lives. You’ll learn how to be more water-wise as well as how the environment affects our well-being. Specific species and strategies will be discussed to help your trees and plants deal with water restrictions during the drought, and there will be time for you to get your own questions answered about maintaining a beautiful yard.

Session 2:07 - Creating a Lighthearted Home
Dianne Callahan

Your home. It’s where all the most important things happen. Is your home a retreat where you and your family find peace and a lighthearted sense of joy? Is it a place that welcomes visitors and helps them to feel comfortable and at ease? Is your home a place that reflects the things that are most important, most sacred, and most enjoyable in your life? Learn how to make your home more lighthearted, more organized and more YOU!

2:30 – 3:15 pm Afternoon Break

Sponsored by Pepsi Beverages Company

3:15 – 4:15 pm Session 3

Session 3:01 - Cheers for Caregivers! Advice and Support for Those Who Care for Those with Special Needs
Leslie Botos (moderator) and Ivette Lee, Stella De La Pana and Reva Guimont (panelists)

This special and powerful session will provide cheers, support and practical advice for those who care for children, aging parents, or others with special needs.

Session 3:02 - Happiness Fitness: Scientific Strategies to get More Joy in Your Life
Dianne Callahan

Everyone encounters tough times in their life but not everyone lets those challenges keep them down. Join us to learn how to increase your resilience and your happiness fitness using strategies similar to those we use to build our physical fitness (no sit-ups required!). This discussion will share recent scientific research into positive psychology and the phenomenon known as post- traumatic growth. Dianne Callahan is a 3-time cancer survivor and an award-winning public relations professional, non-profit executive and encouragement speaker.

Session 3:03 - Social Media Best Practices
Nina Brownstone, Lisa Kennedy and Máire Walsh

Learn tips about how to leverage the power of social media to develop customers, build relationships, and drive engagement. In this workshop you will:

  • Gain valuable insight into demographics of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • The importance of mobile, video, and CTAs (calls-to-action).
  • Learn best practices for posting on social platforms: days, times, number of hashtags, content.
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions about your challenges.
Session 3:04 - What’s the Real Trick to Work-Life Balance?
Julie Anderson

Why are so many women in a constant state of overwhelm? At the end of the day they are exhausted, feeling unaccomplished and down. Many women find themselves running in circles – trying, striving for something, but never quite reaching their goals. In this presentation Julie combines her own experience and neuroscience to inspire your attendees to make the changes necessary to balance their personal and professional life.

  • Discover the dangers to your health and relationships when life and work are not in sync
  • Learn the tools to shift your mindset to help in achieving balance
  • Build a plan of action to attach the challenge with sure success
Session 3:05 - Living Life to the Fullest Despite Difficult Circumstances
Liz Harrison

Session description: Join ABC30 anchor Liz Harrison as she shares her story beyond the headlines. You’ll learn how she has dealt with divorce, addiction, cancer and everyday life, all while putting on a “happy face.”

Session 3:06 - The Art of Organizing: Finding Order On the Good, Bad, and YES...even the Ugly Days
Melanie Lown

This workshop is designed to help you find order and breath in your everyday life. Melanie Lown, NAPO Professional Organizer, will share beneficial tips in organizing your space, schedule, and all the extra “stuff” in your life.  This session will arm you with the tools necessary to prepare for the good days, prevent the bad days, and persevere through the ugly days.

Session 3:07 - How to Reclaim Your Self, Sanity, & Sparkle
Katie Williamson

The number one fear plaguing women today is the fear of not being good enough. Competing demands, negative messages, and unrealistic expectations all fuel insecurities and limiting beliefs that hold you back and keep you from experiencing wholeness and joy in everyday experiences. Learn how to get rid of negative self-talk and overcome limiting beliefs to move from merely surviving to ultimate thriving as you are empowered to transform your view of yourself and your circumstances, resulting in reclaiming your self, sanity, and sparkle!