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Tuesday September 25, 2018

Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center


7:15 - 9:30 am Continental Breakfast

Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Fresno, The Brownie Baker, Pom Wonderful & Wawona Frozen Foods

9:30 - 10:15 am Break

Sponsored by Michael B. Stevens, MD, PhD

10:15 - 11:15 am Session 1

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Session 1-01 - Finding Your Why and Your Voice
Room: A
Danielle Slaton

Learn how to find your purpose and passion — and then work on finding your voice and strengthening it to use it for good and positive change.

Session 1-02 - Successfully Living with Autoimmune Disease (Sponsored by Community Medical Centers)
Room: B
Candice Reyes, MD, RhMSUS

Those whose lives have been touched by autoimmune disease are aware of its many challenges. In this informative and practical session, Dr. Candice Reyes will provide the latest knowledge, research, and strategies to help you and your loved ones live better lives.

Session 1-03 - Parenting... If only there was an app for it! (Sponsored by Saint Agnes Medical Center)
Room: K
Ellie Honardoost, Psy.D.

Parenting has always been a challenging role. Technology has added a broad range of new challenges to further complicate our relationships with our children, from how we communicate with them to how we help prepare them for their future. You may be asking yourself, how much screen time is too much? What do I need to know about social media?  What technical skills should my child be learning now? And ultimately, will today’s education prepare my child for the Robot Revolution? Join Dr. Ellie Honardoost, an educator and social entrepreneur, as she shares why we need to rethink education in the Information Age!

Session 1-04 - Women’s Health & Wellbeing: Caring for the Whole You (Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Fresno)
Room: C
Lisa Huiras (moderator), Amanda Reeve, MD, Nicole Hill, MD, and Brandy Box-Noriega, MD (panelists)

Daughter, sister, friend, mother, wife, partner. With the many roles you play, it’s not always easy to find the time and energy to take care of yourself. Getting your recommended health screenings and living a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of preventable diseases – and help keep you feeling and looking your best at any age. Your mind and body are connected. How you think, feel, and act affect your total health and wellbeing. Being healthy, mentally and emotionally, means you feel good about yourself, your relationships, and your purpose in life. If you can manage stress, communicate well, achieve work-life balance, and think more positively, you’ll be able to bounce back from difficult times faster and enjoy yourself and others more. Come to this session and find out how!

Session 1-05 - Latina Leadership Success Stories
Room: D
Lupita Lomeli (moderator) Ruby Valtierra (panelist) Dora Westerlund (panelist) Helen Chavez-Hansen (panelist)

Listen, laugh and learn in this upbeat and motivational session about what it takes to be a successful Latina business women in Central California. You’ll hear stories and get tips and strategies from our accomplished panel about how you can take your career to the next level. Prepare to be inspired!

Session 1-06 - Creating What’s Next -- The Joy of Trying Something New
Room: T
Valerie Ramsey

Wondering how to decide what’s next in your own life? Using examples from her personal experiences, and with entertaining, behind-the-scenes stories from modeling (beginning at age 63!), TV, her years managing public relations for the famed Pebble Beach Resorts and beyond, motivational speaker Valerie Ramsey shares her secrets for navigating through life’s transitions, overcoming challenges – and tells you how you can, too.

Session 1-07 - Dress for Success Without Breaking the Bank
Room: M
Nimat Davis

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Look and feel your best without breaking the bank. Learn how to transform your appearance with a tight budget and move up the corporate ladder.

1:30 - 2:30 pm Session 2

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Session 2-01 - What are you Waiting For? Practical Steps to Get You Out of Limbo and Start Doing Today
Room: A
Diana R. Diaz

Looking to start a new venture? Contemplating a career change? Considering a new and exciting hobby? Have you been sitting on these ideas for a while? Does it feel like it’s never the right time? Hey, we get it; it’s not easy to drop everything and jump on the plane to paradise. Even if we did have the means, many of us have families, jobs, bills, responsibilities . . . the list goes on. In this workshop, we will break down the myth of fearlessness, delve into the concept of introspection and discover what it really means to stay in your own lane and live on your own timeline. Be ready to engage.

Session 2-02 - Functional Fitness for An Active Aging Lifestyle
Room: K
Rhonda Murphy

Healthy aging is the most important part of our life, but it’s something many people neglect. Rhonda of RhoFit will show you key exercises to maintain and enjoy an active healthy lifestyle as you get older.

Session 2-03 - Making Sense of Social Security
Room: B
Portia L. White

Navigating your way through the complexities of your Social Security benefit can seem daunting. The most basic option, whether to take your benefit at 62, full retirement age or 70, requires careful consideration. Maximizing your benefit, however, may call for an even more complicated strategy. Portia L. White, CFP®  will help you avoid making costly mistakes by providing you with strategies and planning tips to help you maximize your Social Security benefit.

Session 2-04 - Easy Plant-Based Eating: How to Meal Prep in 2 hours Per Week!
Room: M
Farin Montanez

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Wouldn’t it be great to spend just 2 hours in the kitchen on the weekend and have fresh, delicious food to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of the week? If you think “meal prep” means eating the same boring dish for lunch every day, this session will blow your mind with an innovative meal prepping technique. You’ll learn how to create nutrient-dense, disease-fighting meals that will stay fresh — so you have more time to enjoy life!

Session 2-05 - Beyond #MeToo - Where do We Go from Here?
Room: C
Ana de Alba

We all agree that things need to be different in many workplaces, but what does that actually mean? Whether you are an employee or an employer, this thought-provoking session is for you. You will learn the avenues available to harassed employees seeking assistance, how employers should properly, thoughtfully, and strategically handle a harassed employee’s complaint, and what we can all do to lessen gender (and other types of) bias in the workplace.

Session 2-06 - Caregiving Tips: What Gets You and Your Aging Parent into Trouble? (Sponsored by Community Medical Centers)
Room: D
Carrie Jameson, ANP-BC

Caring for an aging parent is a labor of love, and usually it is women who provide the care. Caregiving is full of successes and struggles. Family dynamics, family history, medical and financial decisions all play a role in making it complicated. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. This session will focus on the questions you need to ask yourself, things to be aware of, and the questions you need to ask medical providers during each step of caregiving.

Session 2-07 - Up Your Love Game
Room: T
Dianne Callahan

What’s in your backpack? We all carry around an invisible (but heavy!) backpack filled with things like shame, regret and fear. In this session we will explore how to unpack that bag with love and forgiveness. With a lightened load, we can better focus on our legacy by upping our love game — for ourselves, for our family and friends, and for the greater world.

2:30 – 3:15 pm Afternoon Break

Sponsored by Pepsi Beverages Company

3:15 – 4:15 pm Session 3

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Session 3-01 - Fit, Young & Vital - Looking & Being Your Best at Any Age
Room: A
Valerie Ramsey

After raising six children and turning fifty, Valerie Ramsey became a corporate public relations executive, signed a contract with Ford Models, authored two best-selling books, became a frequent guest on the TODAY Show (among others), joined the national speakers circuit, and became executive editor for Fabulously 50 magazine. And as you can imagine, Valerie knows a thing or two about looking and being your best at any age. In this session, Valerie discusses her own personal standards and those of recognized professionals on the components of inner and outer beauty. She shares advice on nutrition, fitness, getting a good night’s sleep, building self-confidence, healthy aging, and sexuality, as well as revealing her own personal modeling tips for skin care, hair, and makeup.

Session 3-02 - Getting more FUN in Your Life
Room: K
Dianne Callahan

Remember when you were a kid and pretty much everything you did was fun? We played and explored and laughed every day. Sometimes, as we get older, we feel that time for fun and play is over. Not true! We may change our definition of what’s fun or what we are physically capable of doing, but we must NEVER stop looking for the fun in life! In this workshop, we’ll talk about how we can do this.

Session 3-03 - Stilettos & Self Defense
Room: T
Jennifer Cassetta

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Audiences will learn and practice the ABCs of self-defense: awareness, boundaries and communication. Jennifer Cassetta, 3rd degree black belt, will teach how to spot red flags and listen to intuition, how to create personal and physical boundaries, and how to communicate powerfully with verbal and non-verbal cues. Jennifer will also demonstrate the weapons we’re always carrying on our bodies and how to use them to get out of dangerous situations unharmed.

Session 3-04 - Finances and the Savvy Woman (Sponsored by Wells Fargo)
Room: B
Kate Eiland & Elise Kausen (The Eiland Group of Wells Fargo Advisors)

Do you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make the financial decisions that will allow you to live well to and through retirement?  Get your financial savvy on and join Kate Eiland and Elise Kausen, First Vice Presidents-Investment Officers of Wells Fargo Advisors, for a workshop to help you TAKE CHARGE of your financial future by giving you the tools you need to decode, demystify and ultimately dismantle the often complex world of personal finances.


Disclosures: CAR-0518-02370 Wells Fargo Advisors–7102 North Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93720 (P) 559-437-2200– is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, member SIPC.

Session 3-05 - The Important Role of Emotions in the Workplace (Sponsored by Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino)
Room: C
Deann Kamalani

Deann Kamalani, Director of Marketing for Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino, will conduct an interactive workshop that will help us understand the role that emotion plays in the workplace, and about the incredible impact your emotions and the way you interact with others has on the overall health of your organization. Throughout the session, Deann will provide tools that help inspire engagement, increase loyalty, amplify productivity, and nurture the long-term development of your teams.

Session 3-06 - Thoughtful Home Design: Strategies to Love the Space You’re In
Room: M
Nicki Wolff

Good design is more than just a pretty room. It is an open door to your soul, and you can, and should, feel great in the spaces that are important to you. Spaces can be supported by thoughtful strategies that inspire, relax, or energize! Cooking, spending time with those we love, finding solitude, working — are all examples that call for thoughtful techniques when creating our environments. This interactive workshop will give practical suggestions to bring any room to a new level of energetic success . . . as defined by You! Come with questions and curiosity!

Session 3-07 - The Top 5 Strategies For Living Your Most Productive Life
Room: D
Rachel Hamm

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This session will provide you with very practical strategies for maximizing your productivity while enjoying your life at the same time. As a working wife & mom of four sons, speaker Rachel Hamm is very realistic about what it takes to successfully wear many different hats. She’ll provide tips about how to minimize distractions, have more energy, efficiently meal plan, have more emotional bandwidth, and how to do all that while actually enjoying your life. You will learn the secrets to living the life you were created to live while avoiding burnout!

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