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What our attendees said about CCWC 2018

The women’s conference was a perfect opportunity for women to network and co-workers to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed environment. When you’re at work, at times it is very stressful, so this was a nice way to connect on a casual basis.

All employers should encourage and send employees to enjoy this opportunity and even male employees should attend to look at the world through our eyes and get to understand women better.

I wanted to be inspired, but . . . instead I was supremely inspired by everything! And, above all, Maria Shriver was amazing. What she said about Fresno was really true – everyone at the conference was extremely kind to each other.

I traveled from the Bay Area to attend CCWC and loved the chance to hear Maria Shriver and Mallika Chopra. It was empowering to be part of a large group of women . . . we can all learn from each other.

This was my first year attending the conference. While I started out the day feeling guilty for missing work, I soon realized how empowering it was to be able to experience a conference of this size with so many other women who face similar work and personal life experiences as mine every day. Just being able to network with people (and even run into some old friends) was a great experience within itself. I hope to be able to attend the conference once again next year, and possibly to make it a new tradition for me.

This event runs so smoothly! The quality of speakers, organization leaders and volunteers is exceptional! Positive, fun and empowering – can’t wait for next year!

In 31 years, this was my first time attending and didn’t realize what I was missing! I hope to return many times in the future.

Empowerment, Leadership, Service and Community – couldn’t ask for a better group of women to hang out with for the day. Well done CCWC.

An inspirational day!

Exciting day to spend with friends, daughters, co-workers.

The CCWC reminds you of your passion, your worth & your importance not only to the world but to yourself!

You leave the Central California Women’s Conference with a feeling of hope. I am always amazed by the diversity of the attendees in age and ethnicity. A true reflection of women in the Central Valley.

It was a day of empowerment and reflection. I can and will be the difference!

Well organized – kudos for being able to move and orchestrate that large of a crowd. You have the schedule and timing down. Thank you for all that you are doing for our community.

I’m 62 years old. I’ve heard the term “empowerment” for years. Today I saw it. Great job CCWC!

Once you experience one CCWC, you will return.

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