CCWC is also proud to partner with AT&T and the Central California Educational Opportunity Center (CCEOC) for our re-entry scholarship program. CCEOC’s mission is to assist individuals throughout the Valley to re-enroll and finish their college degrees.

Through its partnership with CCWC, AT&T funds scholarships for five Valley re-entry students who are selected by CCEOC based on their need, goals, and promise. Many of these women have been through tremendous trials and tribulations, but have persevered and are continuing their college education.

AT&T also hosts the scholarship recipients at the conference (to be held this year on Tuesday, Sept. 17), with the hope that these women will be inspired to continue to pursue their dreams.

In addition, CCEOC hosts a luncheon in the fall honoring the AT&T CCWC CCEOC scholars and their families.

Thank you, AT&T and CCEOC, for making this possible!