Tuesday September 17, 2019

Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center

Luann Alemao

Luann has been in business for 30 years as a Family and Consumer Science professional, educator and national speaker. Luann was just recently awarded the National Business Entrepreneur award for the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Luann has taught Jr. High, High School and the University level helping people like you realize that “The little things that you do and chew that make the bigger difference” which in turn embraces a healthier lifestyle.

Luann performs seminars across the country as well as private coaching for the individual. Luann is an author, created “Insightful Living” a one minute quality of life radio and blog show, writes a newspaper column for several business publications and a regular special guest on television.

Luann embraces the healthier lifestyle by being the visionary in her own community of Cedar Falls, Iowa where over 6 years ago she organized having Dan Buettner make an appearance at a local conference and introduced Blue Zones to the mayor and the community. Luann was instrumental in serving on the leadership team and other committees, paving the way for Cedar Falls to be selected as a Blue zones candidate city and the city and helped lead to the cities certification. As a result of Blue Zones, Luann developed several community gardens, taught food and nutrition education to adults and children to assist them with more variety in their diets. Due to Blue zone demand, Luann is teaching healthy cooking courses where the menus are Blue Zones inspired and prepared by the students.

Luann has led the walking Moai community to establish walking teams in the area where they gather, bond and share as they participate in physical activity. Luann also helps direct the restaurant and nutrition teams in her metro area. Luann’s own personal stories of Blue zones happenings create excitement and make transformations in peoples lives. Luann’s experience with her city involvement and the Blue Zones process indicates that the process is achievable, fun and beneficial.

Luann is also the host and producer of “Get Fit” a news magazine cooking show for cable access. Luann develops and uses many healthy foods for the show, develops recipes and just has fun sharing the results.