Tuesday September 19, 2017

Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center

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See below for our list of speakers from last year’s conference. If you would like to apply to speak at our 2017 event, please fill out the form found in this link: http://bit.ly/2iRGl6P. Thank you!

Lisa Ling

Keynote Speaker

Lisa Ling is the executive producer and host of This is Life on CNN. Lisa explores the scourge prescription pill addiction in Utah, the recent influx of women in North Dakota’s boomtown, and a town in the rural Midwest where young men aspire to be priests.

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Pegine Echevarria

Morning Warm-Up Speaker

Pegine is one of eight women, and the only Latina woman, among 58 inductees into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame including Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins and Dr. Wayne Dyer. New York Newsday calls businesswoman Pegine “a walking one-woman antidote to cynicism.” Pegine was the Latina spokesperson for Clorox Latino.

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Kat Simmons

Afternoon Cool-Down Speaker

Kat Simmons is a 28-year veteran of the international comedy club circuit. You may have seen her at The Improvs, Catch A Rising Star, the Comedy Channel, Evening at the Improv, Fox’s Comedy Tonight, or on Candid Camera.

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Julie Anderson

Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson is considered to be one of the nation’s top experts on the Brain Personality Connection and founder of Your Best Mind, LLC.

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Lee Ayres

Lee serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tree Fresno: a non-profit organization founded in 1985 that has planted more than 40,000 trees.

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Leslie Botos

Leslie Botos has enjoyed decades of hands on public relations experience across fields of transportation, energy, blood services and advocacy.

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Nina Brownstone

Nina Brownstone is the Online Marketing Manager at Brandable. Her focus is on SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing and social media campaigns.

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Dianne Callahan

Dianne is an award-winning communications professional, non-profit executive and public speaker with more than 25 years of experience leading and inspiring individuals and teams to success.

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Angeleen Corona

Angeleen Corona is a transformational wellness coach who through her own journey and experience to healing her mind, body and soul has begun helping others who have lost sight of themselves integrate self-care and healthy habits into their busy lives.

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Aisha Curry

Powerologist™ & Personal Brand Developer, Aisha Curry is quickly on the rise as one of the nation’s top advocates for the empowerment of women.

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Kate Eiland & Elise Kausen

Kate Eiland and Elise Kausen are First Vice President – Investment Officers for Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

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Reva Guimont

Reva Guimont first and foremost is a parent of four children, one of whom is her daughter who lives with a disability. As a parent she has navigated health care systems for her daughter’s ongoing medical condition and the service delivery system that provides support for her daughter.

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Liz Harrison

Liz Harrison is co-anchor of Action News Live at Five and Action News Live at 11. She is also an Emmy-winning reporter specializing in faith-based and community related stories.

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Dr. Lynn Keenan

Dr. Lynn Keenan is a University of California, San Francisco Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF Fresno.


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Lisa Kennedy

Lisa Kennedy is the Social Media Strategist at Brandable. Her focus is on building social media campaigns, building and monetizing audiences on social media.

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Ivette Lee

Beginning her journey in the year 2000 with Fresno County Mental Health Services as a promising Marriage and Family Therapist, Ivette set out to help those in personal crisis and those in need of mental health counseling.

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Michelle Leath

Michelle Leath is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, mentor and speaker who specializes in helping women detox their relationship with food and reclaim their permission to Live & Eat FearlesslyTM.

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Melanie Lown

A native of Austin, TX , Melanie Lown has always had a spark for design and creativity.  Balanced with her respect for structure and order, Melanie fell in love with the craft of professional organization.

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Elizabeth McCormick

A Former US Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick is a best-selling author with more than 12 books published and the 2011 Congressional Veteran Commendation recipient.

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Rhonda Murphy

Rhonda Murphy is the owner and operator of Rhonda’s Fitness Center (RhoFit). Rhonda, AFAA, is a top Personal Trainer for the Central Valley, motivational speaker and worksite wellness coach who specializes in health and fitness programs for business of all sizes.

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Martin Oftedal

Martin Oftedal, a native of Fresno, has been working in the retail fashion industry for the past 20 years and has been an executive with Macy’s for more than 16 years.

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Stella De La Pena

Stella De La Pena is the Site Director for the Fresno Field Office of the Alzheimer’s Association Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter.

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Susan Stiltz

Susan is a landscape designer and consultant specializing in water-wise, low-maintenance, sustainable gardens that are Central Valley Friendly.

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Shayna Telesmanic

Shayna Telesmanic is the owner and director of Young Chefs Academy in Fresno. For the past six years she has been teaching hands-on cooking through classes, workshops, field trips & birthday parties to kids age 2-17, as well as those “young at heart” during adult events.

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Máire P. Walsh

Máire P. Walsh is the Digital and Online Strategy Director at Brandable. Máire has extensive experience building and monetizing audiences for media and tech companies on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

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Portia White, CFP®

Portia L. White is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM Practitioner, Vice President and a Senior Advisor at Whelan Financial.

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Davena Witcher

Davena Witcher is the Executive Director of AMOR, a community based non-profit that was established in 2008.  She has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and previously worked at Valley Children’s Hospital in the neonatal and pediatric departments for 15 years.

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Katie Williamson

Katie Williamson empowers positive transformation through overcoming limiting beliefs and encouraging forward motion.  She lives her passion by providing learning opportunities for Fresno State employees and by supporting individuals in reclaiming their physical, mental, and spiritual health through health coaching.

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